How it’s made

Want to know how we make our beautiful pieces? For us it is a four stage process that needs to be followed through to craft quality pieces.

Follow us our on journey.

Inspirational Design

Each and every piece in our collection is born from a beautiful design. Egle, the designer for Emodi takes her inspiration from a variety of sources, however, she loves nature and the world around her.

She looks at how you can take those materials that many people discard and use them to create beautiful, fully functional pieces of furniture that are perfect for the modern home.

Every piece is made to show off the natural beauty of the wood with simply lines, simple details and no paint. Just the way wood should be.

Reclaimed Wood

What makes Emodi so special is that we only use reclaimed wood when crafting our furniture. This is because we believe that there a variety of beautiful and still useful materials around that other people have chosen to discard.

We will collect pallets, old floorboards, beams and use these discarded pieces to create our furniture pieces.

The reclaimed wood is dissembled, any nails or screws are removed and then we plane and sand it all.

After this, the freshly prepared wood will be left to dry and rest for being used to craft furniture.


Once the wood is ready to use it is down to the manufacturer Ignas to use his skills to create some high quality pieces.

He will look at the variety of wood pieces that he has and decide which ones will fit the best with each other. This can be difficult and requires concentration from him.

After doing this he will then place them in a chevron pattern as to create a special touch to the design of the furniture. This will be glued in place and left to settle before being sold.

Quality Furniture

After the initial design, collection of materials and manufacturing has been completed we will be left with a beautiful piece of furniture for your home.

Whether it is the innovative, functional and uniquely stylish designs that Egle puts together at those early stages, or whether it is the level of focus and attention to detail that Ignas has; one thing is for sure, if you buy from Emodi you are always going to be buying high quality pieces.

They may be made from reclaimed wood, but every furniture piece in the collection is craft to the highest standard and designed to last many years.