5 ways to style your cushions

You might think that cushions are just that, cushions, ready to be strewn around your house without much thought. However, the truth is, in order to get cushions looking just right, it is actually a lot trickier than you may realise.

To help you to get to grips with the cushions in your house, here are few tips & tricks on how to style them like a pro.

If you want to make sure that your room looks co-ordinated, a great idea is to pick a theme in your cushions and stick with it. This could be monochrome, floral or geometric. It really is down to you.

Choose the cushions that match your personality and you will never go wrong! Brighten up your room and allow your cushions to reflect who you are by choosing the designs that makes your heart beat harder and your home look warmer. Want to know more? Sign up to my newsletter below to receive my Free cushion styling guide straight into your inbox.

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